Longarm Quilting Pricing


$.020 per square inch
Longarm quilting Edge-to-edge that includes an overall stitching from the many designs you may find on our pattern page.  If there is a pattern you would like to use but it is not among our patterns just give a call to discuss what you have in mind.  All shipped Quilts will receive 20% off this .020 per inch edge to edge charge


  • Make Binding $.050 per linear inch – You provide the fabric and we cut and prepare the binding, making it ready to attach to your quilt.
  • Attach Binding to Front of Quilt $.065 per linear inch – We will attach it to the front of your quilt so you can finish the process at home by hand stitching to the back.
  • Attach Binding by Machine to Back of Quilt $.065 per linear inch – We will machine sew binding to back of quilt.
  • Hand-Stitching $.290 per linear inch
    This service is if you choose the above option (attach binding to front of quilt) we will finish the process by hand-stitching to the back.

Miscellaneous Charges

If for any reason additional work must be done we charge $20 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. Prior to doing any additional work we will call you to advise what needs to be done.  Some of the most common things we have seen are:

  • sewing of seams that came loose
  •  reattaching a wavy border
  • adding leaders to backing (because backing fabric is not 10 inches longer and/or wider than quilt top)
  • sew backing together